Historical Conquest
Looks Like Pokemon, Plays Like Risk, BUT...
It's a Homeschool, History Based Card Game
Two Free Starter Decks
Historical Conquest™ is a unique and exciting card game in which players explore to find new land and defend them with people from history. Attack your opponent to take their Lands or work together against a common foe. Increase the Morale of your people until you accomplish World Domination or World Peace to truly conquer the world.

Proven to get kids excited about History once again. A brief history of each topic (person, place, event, document, etc) is found on the card so the player is learning just by playing the game.

Each player needs a Starter Deck to play and there are 7 to choose from. Each Starter Deck has its own unique set of cards, not based on a particular theme or time period but spanning world history throughout time. Add Expansion based on specific eras and mats to organize your game play. Perfect for ages 7 and up. Great for 2-6 players.
Products a la carte
Starter Decks
Starters include 51 cards each containing topics throughout world history.
Expansion Pack
Expansions include 20 cards each containing topics set on one era per box.
Play Mats
Playmats are not essential to play, but help track Morale points, card placement, and made of durable rubber. It's even washing machine safe in case of a spills.
Rare Cards
In this game, you earn your rare cards. The player writes an essay on a topic, submit it, and receive that month's rare card in the mail. That essay may also be published.
We host multiple contests throughout the year, including the 'Create Your Own Card' contest to win $500 and a stack of your entry's card.
We host courses on how to play, getting more from your game, history, and continual learning. These are made to educate, inspire & entertain.
We run tournaments around the U.S. and these are through our Ambassadors or fans who want to schedule local games.
Fans of the game will host tournaments in their local area and receive incentives, prizes for the events, and earn money on the side.
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