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8-Day Course: How to Use Historical Conquest to its Fullest Extent
What Will You Learn In This Course?
Welcome to our 8-day course on how to use Historical Conquest to its fullest extent and get more out of your purchase. In this course, we will discuss:

1) How to play the game and strategies to dominate; 
2) Why games are essential in today’s learning; 
3) Continual learning through the game and extra free benefits;
4) Video summaries of interesting topics in history (chosen by our viewers);
5) Ways of earning rare cards instead of spending all your money trying to acquire them; 
6) Welcoming you into our community. 
BONUS) We will also give you sneak peaks to what’s coming next: contests, games, and more.

Each day we will send you new content and some action items to implement. Follow the ones you want and customize them to fit your desired experience. You are the designer of this game. We provide the materials, now it’s up to you to discover new ways to use them.

To sign up for this course please enter your name and email, and we will begin the course right away. Anytime during this course, if you feel you have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through email at HistoricalConquest@gmail.com. This email will be found at the bottom of each email for this course.

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